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Beverly Hills, which is oftentimes referred to as “90210”, is home to plenty of celebrities and actors like Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Moore and Lionel Richie. It doesn’t run short of famous residents nor does run short of reliable local businesses. Consistent and high-end services, that’s what we guarantee at Indoor Carpet Care. We make sure your home smells fresh and clean.

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Carpet Cleaning Service Daily foot traffic and the presence of pets make carpets dirty and dusty within a single day of no cleaning. Imagine the amount of allergens, pollens and particles sticking to the fibers within a week or month. Fortunately, our carpet cleaning experts do more than clean. We also disinfect and sanitize. Upholstery Cleaning Services Upholstered furniture pieces look cozy and inviting, but these are susceptible to dust – even germs and bacteria – build-up. You can clean these by yourself; however, it’s highly advisable to let professional upholstery cleaners handle the task. We are properly equipped to thoroughly clean leather couches or sofa chairs. Rug Cleaning Services Like the carpet, rugs get dusty and dirty easily. You don’t have to whack these against surfaces if you prefer easy cleaning, hire our rug cleaners instead. We use high grade chemicals to remove germs and bacteria. Mattress Cleaning Service If waking up in the morning comes with allergies, it could be due to your bed. Our professional mattress cleaner will help make your mornings lighter with fresh smelling and bacteria-free sheets. Tile and Grout Services If you notice black spots building up between the tiles, these indicate germs. While you can attempt a DIY, there’s no guarantee you’ll get rid of the bacteria. Let our expert tile and grout cleaners take care of this task for you to ensure deep cleaning. We’ll make tile surfaces in your home shine like new.

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