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Unfortunately for a lot of homeowners, they believe that vacuuming their carpets twice a year is more than enough when it comes to carpet cleaning. It’s easy to see why this is the case. First of all, a freshly vacuumed carpet will look clean since the vacuum will take care of the visible dust and dirt. However, you have to consider the dust and dirt that you couldn’t see. Carpets are stepped on regularly and this is why dust and dirt are trapped deep within the fibers. This is something that most vacuums can’t take care of.

In addition, most homeowners would like to believe that twice a year vacuuming will do the job. Call it denial. It’s because they’d like to believe that they don’t need to spend the whole day cleaning their carpets thoroughly. While it’s true that you’d have to spend the whole day to make sure that they’re really cleaned, you don’t really have to do that because you can simply rely on a professional carpet cleaning company like Indoor Carpet Care.

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Carpets are perfect breeding grounds for germs. These are germs that you can’t see. Even if you spend the whole day vacuuming, it wouldn’t take care of the germs. Your family will continue inhaling these germs and this explains why your family gets sick on a regular basis.

We’ve trained our people and we’ve armed them with the latest equipment to make sure that in addition to getting rid of dust and dirt, they kill the germs by disinfecting the carpets. This way, your carpets will be fully cleaned and disinfected which can help improve the quality of indoor air in your home.

This is also helpful if you have kids and pets. As you probably know, they love playing on the carpets. What you don’t know is they’re playing on breeding grounds of germs. With our help, this doesn’t have to happen.

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We specialize in carpet cleaning and disinfecting. We’ve lost track of how many carpets we’ve cleaned and disinfected. This is because our goal as a company is to help homeowners experience the benefits of having clean and disinfected carpets.

What do you need to do? Just go ahead and contact us and we’ll take over. You don’t even have to take the carpets or rugs to us. We’ll go to your place and get right on it. We’ll vacuum your carpets to remove dust, dirt and debris. Once that’s done, we’ll clean and scrub them using high grade Eco friendly cleaning supplies that have been proven to be safe for pets and humans and are effective to use.

We’re here to help you so go ahead and contact us.

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