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Carpet Cleaning Services costa mesaCosta Mesa, the “City of the Arts!”, is conveniently located in the heart of Orange County. This provides the people easy access to several wonderful opportunities that Southern California has to offer – from attractions to services.


As a resident, you’ll need help with menial tasks like getting rid of red wine stains on your Persian rug or dog pee on your favorite sofa chair. In that case, hire our professional cleaners at Indoor Carpet Care.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

The hardest thing about cleaning carpets is not being able to see dust and germs. You don’t know if you’ve done it effectively. This is why you need to leave the task to our carpet cleaning experts. We specialize in deep cleaning and disinfecting to ensure your family doesn’t breathe in dust and allergens.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

You might think it isn’t necessary to clean the couch or any upholstered furniture. After all, it doesn’t look dirty. That’s what you think. But it’s probably housing more dust and germs than you could imagine. Leave the cleaning to our professional upholstery cleaners to guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Rug Cleaning Services

The fibers of rugs make ideal hiding places for the tiniest particles and organisms, which can’t be removed through mere vacuuming. Our expert rug cleaners will disinfect and sanitize these to get rid of dust, dirt, bacteria and foul smell.


Mattress Cleaning Service

Your sleepless nights might be caused by dust mites and other creepy crawlies hiding in your bed. Simple whacking and dusting off won’t work. Hire our professional mattress cleaners instead for deep cleaning, disinfecting and a good sleep.


Tile and Grout Services

Tiles lose their elegance when the grout lacks cleaning. The only problem is some products could lead to quick wear and tear. This is why you should leave the task to our expert cleaners. We use high grade chemicals that effectively remove dirt and bacteria without damaging the tiles and grout.

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