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Carpet Cleaning Services covina“One Mile Square and All There” has been the slogan of Covina since 1922, when the incorporated area used to be only – or less, according to some – a square mile. Now, its total area is more than that, with a mix of local and national businesses.


If you need help with stained carpets or dusty rugs, Indoor Carpet Care offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Dust and dirt hide under the carpet and stick to the fibers. These are easily noticeable so you’re compelled to vacuum. What you don’t know is that you haven’t done a good job, especially in getting rid of bacteria. That’s why we’re here. Our carpet cleaning experts ensure bacteria-free and fresh smelling carpets.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

Your favorite sofa chair looks cozy and inviting, but it could be harboring dust mites. Instead of giving it a good whack, let our upholstery cleaners disinfect and sanitize it – as well as other upholstered furniture – using high grade chemicals.


Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs are like carpets; these attract anything microscopic, from dust to germs. Fortunately, our professional cleaners use products that eliminate dirt and bacteria effectively without harming your health and the environment.


Mattress Cleaning Service

When your bed makes you feel itchy all over, it’s a sign that it needs cleaning. Our mattress cleaners will do it for you, giving assurance of complete disinfecting and sanitization. You can go to sleep at night knowing that bugs won’t bite or that your pet’s hairs aren’t sticking to your skin.


Tile and Grout Services

Tiles easily lose their beauty when dirty. The only problem with cleaning is that the grout needs a great deal of effort. Leave this job to our tile and grout cleaners so you won’t have to worry about not being able to get rid of the dirt and bacteria completely.

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