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Carpet Cleaning Services cypressDid you know that Cypress used to be called “Waterville” because artesian wells were abundant? Then, it was incorporated to Dairy City to prevent development and preserve dairies. But houses were eventually developed in the ‘60s and no dairies were left by the ‘70s.


Now, it’s known as the home of notable residents like golfer Tiger Woods and actor Matthew Morrison. It’s also home to local businesses, like Indoor Carpet Care.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Do your children love playing on the carpet? Then, you’d better let our expert carpet cleaners rid it of dust, dirt and bacteria. We’ll use high grade chemicals that are effective in cleaning and disinfecting carpets but won’t affect your children’s health and your home’s indoor air quality.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

Do you clean the leather couch or sofa chair only when there are stains? Then, it’s teeming with dust mites and microorganisms. You might not see these, but they’re present and probably giving you or your loved ones allergic reactions. Our professional upholstery cleaners can take care of this problem for you.


Rug Cleaning Services

Do you notice the rug’s color fading? Then, call on our local cleaners to bring back its vibrant shade. The discoloration could only be due to the lack of cleaning. We do more than scrub off dirt and stains; we’ll make the rug bacteria and odor free.


Mattress Cleaning Service

Does your pet sleep on your bed? Then, expect it have dander, your own dead skin, and other microorganisms. Sounds disgusting? Our mattress cleaners will deal with the problem for you.


Tile and Grout Services

Do the tiles in your bathroom look dark? Then, hire our expert cleaners to get rid of the dirt and bacteria for you. We’ll disinfect and sanitize any tile surfaces effectively using high quality chemicals.

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