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Carpet Cleaning Services GardenaGardena is indeed “The City of Opportunity!” It provides residents and visitors a wide range of activities. As a homeowner, you’ll have the chance to relax or focus more on raising a family with the help of cleaning professionals.


At Indoor Carpet Care, we guarantee 100% disinfected and sanitized furnishings like carpets, rugs and upholstery.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Laying carpets offers several benefits, from adding beauty to your home to softening the impact when your toddler falls on the floor. But there’s a catch; it easily traps dust and dirt. But you shouldn’t worry about carpet cleaning because we have expert cleaners who use the latest equipment and safest products.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

Simple wiping and dusting doesn’t get rid of the dirt or bacteria hiding in the tightest spaces of your leather couch. Hence, leave the cleaning to our professional upholstery cleaners. We have the experience and equipment to guarantee germ and dust-free indoor air quality.


Rug Cleaning Services

You don’t really eliminate dust and dirt unless they build up to noticeable amounts. And you won’t know where bacteria and germs thrive without using a microscopic. Cleaning rugs don’t have to be difficult when you let our professional rug cleaners handle this task. We provide excellent cleaning and disinfecting service. We’ll remove stains, bad odor and bacteria.


Mattress Cleaning Service

When your bedroom smells weird, this means the sheets and mattress need cleaning. But doing this task on your own can be taxing. Instead of a DIY, call on our expert mattress cleaners to handle the job for you. Our cleaning products guarantee bacteria free and fresh-smelling mattresses.


Tile and Grout Services

Tile surfaces lose their sophisticated look when they get dirty. However, you have less time to get down on your knees and clean. Don’t worry because our tile and grout cleaners will make your home shine like new by using products that are tough on dirt and bacteria but safe on the environment and your family’s health.


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