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Carpet Cleaning Services Hermosa BeachHermosa Beach is the perfect address if you love a beachfront home. Its average 325 days of sunshine each year is perfect for endless outdoor opportunities, such as swimming, skateboarding and surfboarding.


The catch though is that going home means scattering sand on the carpet, rug and other furnishings. You shouldn’t worry about the cleanup though because we’ve got you covered at Indoor Carpet Care.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Seawater and sand accumulating on the carpet will damage the fabric over the months it hasn’t been cleaned. Dust, dirt and bacteria will also build up. Hire our professional carpet cleaners instead of doing this task on your own. We use products that are safe on your health yet tough on stains and germs.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

While some stains are easy to remove on clothes and other fabrics, these are difficult on the couch and other upholstery because of the special material. Hence, call on our expert upholstery cleaners to eliminate spots caused by spills and other accidents.


Rug Cleaning Services

Like the carpet, the rug’s vibrant colors and quality fabric will wear out without regular cleaning. Our professional rug cleaners use products that get rid of dirt effectively without damaging the material and making the colors fade.


Mattress Cleaning Service

You know that the mattress needs regular cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust mites and other particles. However, this task is taxing considering the thick material. But you don’t really have to do it alone. Book our mattress cleaning service to guarantee a fresh-smelling bed.


Tile and Grout Services

Tiles make your home shine, but the grout catches dirt easily. What’s more, bacteria could accumulate over the time it hasn’t been cleaned. Don’t worry though. Our professional cleaners will make any tile surfaces spotless and bacteria free. We use products that don’t leave a pungent chemical odor.


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