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La VerneLa Verne is “close-knit” community in the foothills of the San Gabriel – Pomona Valleys. While it has a significant population of senior citizens, the development of upscale houses has brought in school-age residents. Its residential community is well combined with industrial and commercial businesses as well as local providers.


If you need help with a stained leather couch or soiled mattress, our team at Indoor Carpet Care is ready with eco-friendly and health-friendly cleaning products.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Vacuuming doesn’t necessarily clean. It could disperse dust into the atmosphere and affect indoor air quality. Rather than vacuum carpets, call on our professional cleaners. We’ll get rid of dust and dirt, as well as bacteria and stains, without leading to indoor pollution.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

Any upholstery requires special cleaning instructions and products to avoid damaging the material. If you don’t have the supplies or training, it’s best to hire our expert upholstery cleaners. We’ll get rid of dirt hiding in the tightest spaces as well as the toughest stain.


Rug Cleaning Services

Like the carpet, you shouldn’t attempt to carry out DIY cleaning for the rugs. Leave this job to our cleaners to ensure 100% satisfaction. We remove anything, from bacteria to bad smells. Most of all, we won’t leave chemical odors that could affect your loved ones or pets.


Mattress Cleaning Service

The condition of your bed helps determine how many hours of sleep you’re getting. If you experience restless nights, this indicates lack of cleaning. Call on our mattress cleaners to rid your bed of dander, dead skin cells and other particulates.


Tile and Grout Services

When you need to make your home spotless, wiping isn’t enough. Let our tile and grout cleaners make surfaces shine like new without making the atmosphere smell like harmful chemicals. Our products are safe for your family yet tough on bacteria and dirt.


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