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MalibuIf you own a home in Malibu, you’re could be neighbors with famous personalities like Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Bridges, Leonardo DiCaprio and Emily Blunt. The “27 miles of scenic beauty” doesn’t just offer a long stretch of coastline and majestic neighborhoods, but also services from big American companies and local businesses.


As a local service provider, our specialists at Indoor Carpet Care guarantee a clean home through these services.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Not cleaning the carpet for months generates a great deal of dust, dirt and other particulates. While vacuuming is a common solution, it could disperse contaminants into the atmosphere. Hire our expert carpet cleaners for deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

When your pet has an accident on the couch, the stain and smell will only be removed through special cleaning. That’s what we do. Our upholstery cleaners are equipped with the proper tools and products to make your furniture smell clean and look like new again.


Rug Cleaning Services

Leave rug cleaning to our team as well. We use products that get rid of dirt, stain and bad odor effectively. But rest assured that your loved ones won’t breathe in or get into contact with harsh chemicals. We make sure the indoor air quality isn’t affected in the process.


Mattress Cleaning Service

Sneezing or developing rashes when waking up in the morning could be due to a dirty bed. Leave the cleaning to our mattress cleaners to ensure complete elimination of bacteria and microbes.


Tile and Grout Services

If you love the look of tiles but don’t want to deal with scrubbing and cleaning, leave the job to our professional cleaners. We’ll make your home shine like new again. Plus, we won’t leave chemical traces on floors, walls and other surfaces installed with tiles.

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