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Do you like eating in bed? Do you have pets that sleep with you at night?If your answer is yes, your mattress probably has stains and lots of dust in it. And even if you don’t eat on it or let your pets sleep on it, your bed is still unsanitary.

You sleep in it every night and you shed dead skin every single day. After a couple years, and even after just a couple of months, your mattress’ weight will double up due to the weight of dust, dust mites and dust mite waste, along with your own dead skin. It sure feels icky when you think about it but it really is true.

You are sleeping and rolling on a bed full of dirt without realizing it. And the only thing that you can do about it is to have it cleaned.

Test It Out

If you don’t think that your mattress needs cleaning, try beating it with your hand while covering your nose with the other hand or a towel. You will likely see dust floating in the air immediately. You can also try sniffing it and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t smell so good once the air freshener and fabric conditioner wears off. That’s the smell of accumulated dust, dirt and dust mite waste.

Spraying it with air freshener and fabric conditioners will only get rid of the smell for a while but will not help sanitize it. The stains will also not be lifted using store-bought chemicals that can do more harm than good on your mattress.

Call for a Professional Mattress Cleaner

Now that you are aware of how unsanitary your mattress can be, it is time to seek solutions. And one of the best things that you can do is to call for a professional mattress cleaner. Old fashioned whacking and dusting will not get rid of the dirt and bacteria lodged in your mattress especially if you have been using it for some time now. Call for professionals to ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of your mattress.

We offer high quality service that ensures satisfaction to every client. Our trained staff will clean and sanitize your mattress to ensure that it is rid of dust, dust mite waste, dead skin and smell. We also get rid of stains that are hard to remove using chemicals that are harsh on stains but gentle on your mattress and your skin.

Rest assured that your mattress will not only look clean but will definitely feel and smell fresh after we give it a thorough cleaning. Have better sleep and great mornings with a clean and fresh mattress that is free of bacteria and harmful cleaning agents. Contact us for more info regarding our mattress cleaning service.

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