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Indoorcarpetcare Monterey ParkMonterey Park is centrally located near downtown Los Angeles, which means convenient access to public transport. Traveling from home to work as well as other places is easier and less hassling. Most of all, its location means access to thousands of large and local businesses.


If you’d like help with some cleaning chores, especially those related to furnishings, call on our team at Indoor Carpet Care. We provide the following services.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

We guarantee 100% satisfaction when cleaning carpets. We skip the usual vacuuming. Instead, we carry out deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing to ensure bacteria and microbes are removed as well. We aim to improve indoor air quality in your home.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

We clean every inch of your upholstery furniture to make sure even the tightest spaces are dust and dirt free. Since the material is easily damaged with the wrong cleaning method and products, our personnel ensure care throughout the process.


Rug Cleaning Services

Like the carpet, your rugs are also cleaned in a way that even germs are eliminated. At the same time, we guarantee your family’s health through products that don’t affect indoor air quality and don’t leave chemical traces on the furnishings.


Mattress Cleaning Service

We have professional mattress cleaners who’ll make sure you’re not rolling on an unsanitary bed. Our cleaning process includes disinfecting and sanitizing to get rid of dust, dander, dust mites and bacteria. We’ll also make your bed smells good so you’ll have a good sleep every night and allergy-free mornings.


Tile and Grout Services

Our tile and grout cleaners use special equipment and cleaning agents to remove dirt and stains, as well as bacteria, on surfaces without damaging the material. We’ll bring back your home’s luxurious shine without making the air smell like chemicals.

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