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Carpet Cleaning Services Newport BeachYour home in Newport Beach shouldn’t be just beautiful. It should also be functional and ready to accommodate your needs. Most of all, it has to be clean and suitable for healthy living. Our team at Indoor Carpet Care helps ensure the last two aspects through the following services.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

When a family member’s asthma or allergy worsens, it could be your home’s atmosphere. Dust and dirt could be mixing with the airflow. Apart from cleaning the HVAC filters, have furnishings cleaned as well. Our professional  carpet cleaners will disinfect and sanitize your carpets to get rid of dust, dirt, bad smell, and bacteria.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery furniture pieces are difficult to clean in comparison to other wood and steel. They require special cleaning methods and products. Hence, it’s advisable to leave this chore to our expert upholstery cleaners. We know exactly which method suits a particular upholstery material. We put care into what we do, ensuring great results without damage.


Rug Cleaning Services

When rugs are not cleaned for many months, dust and dirt accumulate. Sickness-causing bacteria also breed on the fibers, affecting your home’s indoor air in return. But cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle because we’ll take care of it.


Mattress Cleaning Service

You and your family could be suffering from consecutive bouts of asthma or allergies, especially in the morning. The reason could be a dusty bed. Our mattress cleaners will handle this problem, ensuring that mattresses are disinfected and sanitized.


Tile and Grout Services

Tiles lose their beauty when dirt builds up. Not to worry though because we have tile and grout cleaners. We use safe and effective cleaning agents to get rid of dirt and bacteria without affecting your family’s health. We won’t leave a harsh chemical smell in the environment as well to guarantee clean indoor air.

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