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Indoor carpet care Newport HeightsThe upscale neighborhood of Newport Heights sits on a cliff above the Pacific Coast Highway. Its location provides homes magnificent views of the sea and city skyline. It’s served by Newport Beach businesses and from surrounding towns, so it isn’t difficult to find service providers.


When it comes to people who can help make cleaning tasks easier, choose our team at Indoor Carpet Care. We offer a range of services related to carpet cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

If you’re kids or pets love playing on the carpet, expect dirt and dander build-up within months of zero cleaning. However, vacuuming isn’t enough to eliminate all the dust. Call our cleaners for thorough carpet cleaning, which involves disinfecting and sanitizing.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

Different beautiful upholstery materials give furniture pieces an elegant look. But cleaning is difficult because of special requirements. Hence, get in touch with our expert upholstery cleaners. They know what to do to get rid of dirt and stains without damaging the material.


Rug Cleaning Services

Sometimes, vacuuming rugs only disperses dust and particulates into the atmosphere, affecting indoor air quality in return. This is why you need to leave the cleaning to our team. We’ll make sure your rugs are fresh smelling and bacteria free.


Mattress Cleaning Service

Waking up to allergy symptoms in the morning only means one thing – a dusty bed. Let our cleaners take care of this, and we’ll make sure you don’t wake up to sneezes and watery eyes. We use safe cleaning products that are tough on germs but safe for your health.


Tile and Grout Services

Tile and grout cleaning requires special products to ensure bacteria are eliminated. But some chemicals are harmful when handled improperly. Leave this job to us, and we’ll make your home shine like new. We use cleaning agents that don’t give off a bad smell after the process.

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