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Indoor carpet care North HollywoodNorth Hollywood is known as the home of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which produces the Emmy Awards. It is also home to the NoHo Arts District, a community of cafes, shops, art galleries and contemporary theaters. Being out and about here could mean bumping into notable people.


But what you’ll find convenient is the access to numerous businesses, from major American companies to local service providers. One of the latter is Indoor Carpet Care, a team ready to assist with carpet cleaning and other related tasks.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

You might not know it but vacuuming carpet dust and dirt could only be releasing contaminants to the atmosphere. Rather than do this chore on your own, leave it to our expert carpet cleaners. We’ll deep clean and disinfect the carpet using safe cleaning products.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

The problem with urine stains on the couch, as well as other upholstery furniture, is the bad smell that doesn’t seem to go away with fabric conditioner. You can remove the messy spots too, but not the foul smell. The good news is our upholstery cleaners are experts in eliminating dirt, germs and bad smell.


Rug Cleaning Services

Like the carpet, your rug is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and other microscopic organisms. But our professional rug cleaners will take care of this problem using effective yet completely safe products.


Mattress Cleaning Service

A dog sleeping on your bed means lots of dander along with your own dead skin and falling hair. Since washing can be taxing because of the heavy material, leave this task to our professional mattress cleaners.


Tile and Grout Services

Tile surfaces look elegant when new. But dirt builds up, especially on the grout, over time. Cleaning doesn’t have to tire you out because our tile and grout cleaners will make your home shine like brand new.

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