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Indoor carpet care NorthridgeOriginally called Zelzah and then North Los Angeles, Northridge was renamed as it is in 1938 because of confusion with North Hollywood and Los Angeles. Today, it is the birthplace of many notable people – particularly pro athletes – and popular attractions like Studio 606 West and the CSUN Botanic Garden.


The neighborhood is served by local businesses as well as companies in and around Los Angeles. Our team at Indoor Carpet Care, in particular, attends to your cleaning needs through these services.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Dust and dirt building up on the carpet is noticeable, but not dust mites and germs. This is why you’re still dealing with allergy symptoms. Call on our expert for Carpet cleaning to ensure deep cleaning, including bacteria and bad odors.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

Have you tried sitting on the couch or sofa chair and ended up sending dust into the air? Inhaling it could lead to respiratory problems or worsen an underlying health condition. That’s why our upholstery cleaners are available. We’ll keep indoor air quality clean through deep cleaning and disinfecting using safe cleaning products.


Rug Cleaning Services

A rug’s fading colors doesn’t mean wear and tear. It just needs thorough cleaning, which should be carried out by professionals. Our team will do more than clean; we’ll also disinfect and sanitize it using effective yet safe cleaning agents.


Mattress Cleaning Service

Cleaning your bed and making it dust free take so much time. Skip the hassle by letting professional mattress cleaners take care of this task. We’ll remove tough stains and bad smells, along with dirt and bacteria. We’ll make your bed smell clean and fresh.


Tile and Grout Services

When the grout has dark spots, this indicates dirt build-up. Make sure that even bacteria are completely removed by hiring our expert tile and grout cleaners. We use safe cleaning agents to avoid affecting indoor air quality and your family’s health afterwards.

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