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If you can hardly see the design of your rug or you can tell that the original color is hardly distinguishable, it’s time for some deep rug cleaning. Aside from those obvious signs, having a dusty rug is also a sign that you should have it cleaned. Just try to stomp on it while covering your nose and you will likely see dust flying off of it.

Dust mites thrive in these areas, not to mention germs that can get into your shoes, clothes and pets. Children who love playing on the floor are also prone to contracting diseases due to dirty rugs that became a breeding ground for various kinds of bacteria. Thus, it is important to keep area rugs clean and germ-free.

But, rug cleaning is never easy. Aside from lots of dust and dirt, there are also tons of different stains that you often need to get rid of when cleaning your rug. This may seem simple but it really is not since not all rug cleaners can clean off all kinds of stains, particularly those that had been there a long time. You also have to make sure that the rug dries properly to avoid making the rug smell.

DIY Rug Cleaning Can be Tough

Even if it is tempting to clean it on your own, you might definitely want to think it over. The cost of the rug cleaning agents plus the time that you will spend on cleaning your area rug without success is not worth it. Worst case scenario is having to change your area rug because you damaged it beyond repair using a cleaning agent. Discoloration and having a hole in an area rug is unsightly and needs expensive repair or replacement.

If you are not savvy in this kind of cleaning, things can get messy. You may spend way more than you intend if you damage your area rug by using harmful chemicals to get rid of stains and bacteria. Store-bought ones can either be too strong or too weak, which will either harm your rug or leave it as it was – stained and unsanitary.

Call for a Local Professional Rug Cleaner

So, when you think that your rug needs some cleaning, and probably it does right now, call for a professional. It may seem pricey at first but when you finally see the result and calculate how much time you will save, you will thank yourself for doing so.

We provide excellent service in cleaning and disinfecting area rugs. Trained personnel will not only vacuum and scrub off dirt and stains but will also disinfect your area rug to ensure that germs and bacteria are gotten rid of, making your home safe for you, your children and your pets as well.

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