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Indoorcarpetcare San DimasSan Dimas is found in the center of the San Gabriel Valley. It’s perfect for families because of wonderful community amenities and recreational facilities. With such a great environment for your children, the only thing left to do is to keep your home ideal for daily living. Our team at Indoor Carpet Care helps guarantee this through the following services.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Vacuuming eliminates dust and dirt building up on the carpet. The only problem? It isn’t a sufficient method. This is where our professional carpet cleaners come in. They will get rid of particulates, which vacuuming can’t. We use environmentally and health-friendly products that eliminate stains and bacteria effectively.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

When your pet causes a bad-smelling accident on the couch, spot cleaning isn’t enough because it doesn’t get rid of the odor effectively. In that case, get in touch with our upholstery cleaners for deep cleaning services, including disinfecting and sanitizing using pet-friendly products.


Rug Cleaning Services

Whacking the rug on the floor and other hard surfaces doesn’t remove dust. Instead, it sends particulate matters flying into the atmosphere. When your loved ones breathe in dust, this could worsen their allergy symptoms or asthma. Therefore, it’s advisable to let our expert rug cleaners do the cleaning.


Mattress Cleaning Service

Some household tasks are better off carried by professionals to ensure great results. Mattress cleaning is one of these because of the heavy fabric, which requires special instructions. Hire our team to provide a service backed by 100% satisfaction, thanks to safe yet effective cleaning agents.


Tile and Grout Services

DIY tile and grout cleaning isn’t always successful. When it fails, you or your loved ones’ health could be affected because of the chemicals. Instead of cleaning on your own, contact us to have assurance of a safe service.

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